Monday, 5 March 2012

DUST 514 PS3 goes free, Vita not so much..

CCP today announced that their EVE Online FPS extension for the Playstation 3 DUST 514 will now be completely free to play for all PSN users. This replaces CCP's original idea of the game being up for sale for a price and then reimbursed the player in Aurum credits, the universe's premium item currency to use for micro-transactions in the store.

The AUR credits will still be available for premium services like character respecs and double skill point boosts but can only be purchased with real money, unlike ISK, which can only be gained via playing, which buys everything else, CCP insisted that AUR will not buy power only 'save time'.

On the flip side of things CCP also announced that the Vita version will not be the full game, instead will be a "companion app," with functionality including this such as character customization, shopping, and setting up "strategies" with other players, all interfacing with the PS3 game. This version 'may' be updated along with PS3 version into the full title as the game goes on.


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