Monday, 31 October 2011

Mechwarrior reboot PC only and SOON?

PC Gamer reports that after being teased two years ago then promptly dropping into the void, the Mechwarrior reboot is almost with us.

Not only that but the game will be a PC exclusive, harking back to it's original home a long long time ago, in a galaxy... no wait must not break into song!

Anyway PC Gamer also goes on to say there is a TON of content to go through and like the game that is about to come quite soon, we'll be on the information like something on something as soon as we can.

Source: PC Gamer

DC Universe opens Free to All Tomorrow

Despite having delays, the last of the triad of Super Hero based MMORPGs goes to a 'freemium' model tomorrow (1st November), DC Universe Online follows in Champions Online and City of Heroes footsteps in this change.

The price model will be the same as the now tried and tested three tired model where subscribers (and Lifetime members) get the full package then the features get limited depending on if you play completely free or pay a minimum of $5 in the game's cash shop to unlock access to features like more character slots and trading.

For more information of the new price model go to the Free To Play Q&A page

Source: DC Universe Online

G3 Radio Invites you to a 4 vs 4 TF2 Tournament

Station manager over at G3 Radio, Dru, has ended up with 4 games to give away via Steam – the games are, CogsAchronNimbus,  and A.R.E.S: Extinction Agenda. To win these collection of games what you need to do is find 3 friends to join you in G3 Radio's Team Fortress 2 Tournament hosted on their TF2 server.

You have two weeks to send your team name, you and your friend's Steam IDs, and emails to contact you to

During the week leading up to the Insomnia event, i44 (that is the 13th to the 20th of November), they shall hold the tournament with hopefully the final hosted during the i44 event itself - Myself and Fatal will also be at the event getting coverage for both sites from i44, and possibly provided the servers don't crash footage from the final TF2 game as well, just because we are nice

Friday, 28 October 2011

Savage Worlds Review

Savage Worlds is a generic system written by Pinnacle Studios, and published by Studio 2 Publishing it has won the award "The People’s Choice 2003" for "Best Roleplaying Game".

Savage Worlds is a generic system and as such tailors itself to that genre of gaming. Although the game system has uses outside of table top roleplay, (and can be used in table top war games) the difference is that on a roleplaying game, the games master describes everything, on war games the players can see the models on the table and don’t need to describe everything.

Skyrim and the Wii U

Official Nintendo Magazine recently had a very un-expected contacting from none other then Pete Hines, the Vice President of marketing at Bethesda Studios. He announced that he wishes to broaden Skyrim's horizon by also releasing the highly-anticipated game on the Wii U, allthough perhaps not at the same time it is launched on other consoles.

At the moment, it is only purely planned to be released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. However, Pete Hine's claims they will have a look at any platform capable of supporting Skyrim for possible release on the console in the future.

Assasin's Creed - New Title Revealed

At an Ubisoft event on the 26th of October, yet another title for the Assasin's Creed game franchise was released, named ''Assasin's Creed - Recollection''. However, this brand new addition breaks away from the traditional games in one way - Gameplay. While not much has been released about this, it is beleived to be some form of Real Time Strategy game.

Judging from screenshots that were provided at the Ubisoft event, the gameplay will revolve around a card system, like games such as Yu-Gi-Oh. Very little has been revealed about the story of the game, only being hinted as ''Based around the many political struggles throughout the Assasin's Creed universe.''

Magicka - The Stars are Left

Magicka is known for having a heavy amount of downloadable content, and recently announced yet another new campaign, although beleived to be much larger then it's preddecessors. The new expansion, titled ''The Stars are Left'', is beleived to be set in a Lovecraftian inspired universe, with a story of the same theme.

Like the majority of previous expansions, it will feature a new list of enemies and items, which can safely presumed will have alot of tentacles involved. Also like the previous downloadble content, it will have a general theme to be making jokes out of and generally undermining - Minecraft.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Still recovering from epic.SEVEN

Still recovering from last weekend's epic.LAN event, to put it simply, it was great to see gamers just out in force, beer was had by all, drunken card games a plenty, and of course many games of LAN were played.

First off congratulations to the various tournament winners both in COD and CSS, you can find them around the site however by clicking on the label 'Epic.Lan' over on your right *points flight attendantly* will easily list all the content there - Finally after slaving over a hot audio and video editor we can finally release Fatal's interview with CSS 1v1 finalists Chronic and Avash:

Read on for the other tournaments, the pub quiz, boat races, more images and videos, and werewolves...

Jurrasic Park - Deluxe Edition Goodies

Telltale recently announced they would be releasing a Deluxe Edition for Jurrasic Park: The Game, for PC and Mac, which can be pre-ordered for $40. The bonus to buying the Deluxe Edition instead of the normal edition is a fairly decent amount of items related to the universe of Jurrasic Park - Among which, were a map of the famous park, a clothing park staff patch, a replica of the brochure shown in the movies, and an InGen ID badge.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Not Humble Enough for Your Bundles? Go Royale instead

We all know buy now the Humble Indie Bundle series - the 'pay what you want' for a selection of indie titles where funds get spilt between developers and charities.

Indie Royale is in the same vain as HIB giving away four titles; A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda Gemini Rue, Sanctum, and Nimbus, some come with Steam keys, others Desura, and downloadable as a EXE file - with the exception of Sanctum which is Steam only.

However instead of paying as you feel, there is a twist in how this works: You pay a minimum price (right now it's £1.85) however doing so bumps up the price for everyone, so buying now could net you a great deal, but the price would rocket up - Pay over the minimum the price goes down, why would you want to do that? Well every 10,000 purchases nets everyone a FREE Sanctum DLC unlock, so spending that little more could help you in the long run.

This deal expires in just under 5 days, but from digging around this isn't the only bundle on offer, three more are on their way.

Spread the word and choose your payment wisely 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Gadget Show takes Battlefield 3 to the next level

Throw away your Wii remotes, Kinects, Playstation Moves, mice and keyboards with Battlefield 3 - The Gadget Show on Channel 5 has built and play tested their biggest project yet, a real life simulator to has a controller for the game.

Watch this full 18 mins of pure joy - then go watch the film Gamer to compare how scary close we are to a true interactive experience.

Feel free to leave your comments below - is this a possible future of gaming?

Space Marine DLC is live!

Yes folks, the moment all you ork bashers have been gripping your chainswords for has arrived!

The new FREE Exterminatus DLC for THQs Space marine brings extra maps, missions and arenas for you and your buddies (or total strangers) to play on. Keep all your load outs from your multiplayer antics to add that special personal touch, then join others in battling wave after wave of increasingly more deadly monsters. There's also the chance of grabbing extra progression for your hulking brute in the form of challenges to complete within a time limit, for instance, destroying 20 orks in as many seconds.

Steam users will have the DLC as an autopatch now.
PS3 users will find it available on the PlayStation network.
Xbox users- sorry folks, all that's been said is "coming soon."

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Call of Duty 4 Epic.LAN Tournament UPDATE: Grand Final

It seems the group stages of the £1000 Epic.SEVEN Call of Duty 4 tournament have finished and the teams are soon moving onto the Elimination stage. Here are the results of the CoD4 group stage:

Team Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Diff Streak Points
fm! Sapphire 3 3 0 0 6 0 6 3 9
LANiMALS  3 2 1 0 4 2 2 2 6
Epic Mix  3 1 2 0 2 4 -2 -2 3
Team Phys1x  3 0 3 0 0 6 -6 -3 0

Friday, 21 October 2011

5v5 Epic.LAN CSS Tournament UPDATED: Grand Final

Group Stages Begin

The group stages for the Counter Strike Source tournament at Epic.SEVEN has begun with 8 teams fighting it out for a £2000 (plus tickets to Epic.EIGHT) prize. The reigning champions Rasta-Gaming (known as Rasta.Xd at Epic.SIX) have been confirmed for entry to defend their title along with Epic.SIX's finalists Link Gaming.

The tournament will be played in a group stage followed by double elimination format whereby competitors will have 2 chances to succeed before being knocked out. Although hard it's possible for a team to lose early in the tournament and fight through the "Losers Bracket" to win a tournament so keep your eyes peeled, this is a tourney to watch.

Mario Throws Back Another Power-up

Super Mario 3D Land isn't short of it's retro Power-ups remakes , first we got Super Mario Bros. 3's Tanooki suit redone into more the classic Racoon Mario and now we see that the old Hammer Bros suit is getting an upgrade to the Boomerang Bros suit - now we sit and wait for the Goomba Shoe or the Frog Suit... The rate this is going it's not a shocker if that happens.

Source: Joystiq

Epic.SEVEN 1v1 CSS Tournament UPDATE: Final

The second elimination stage of the CSS 1v1 tournament has just started with the following making victories:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Review

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a TV show that I am sure most of you all know; if not here is a quick description of the show and its ideas.

Buffy is a teenage American high school student, she is an attractive yet troubled student having burned down her last school. What the rest of the world doesn’t know is that Buffy is a vampire slayer and there is only one. She has been chosen to fight vampires and demons and other nasty things.

Ok the role-play game works around that you will be playing ever the original cast, which are all given stats in the book or you can start completely for scratch with your own cast of characters. Which can be anything that you want them to be, as long as you can come up with the concept for the character, you can play it from bog standard human to a demon.

Eden studio are the creators of the role play game they decided that the game would be aimed at fans and that it would be made for the average fan rather than for the regular role-play as a result of that the gaming system is a simple system that allows people to learn it very easily.

The system is cinematic, which means that the game runs like a film rather than being rules heavy like White Wolfs Storyteller system. So instead of being bogged down by large amounts of skills and large amounts of rules its keep pretty clean cut and simple which makes for a system that is pretty fast and rolls on constantly, thus allowing for a quicker progressing storyline.

Epic.LAN 1v1 CSS Tournament kicks off

The first of the Counter Strike Source tournaments has just started here at the wonderful world of Epic.SEVEN and we are pleased to give you the first of our Epic.Coverage, with a CSS 1v1 tournament.

The tournament is based on a single Elimination 32 man first come first served basis. Since Roccat are sponsoring Epic.LAN the prize for first place is predicably a Roccat Kone [+] Mouse.

The first of the 1v1 elimination stages are beginning soon with the following match ups:

Introducing Our Table Top Gaming Writers

From Buffy to Warhammer these guys will be on hand to deliver the news, previews, reviews and whatnot to CTD when it comes to Table Top Gaming, may I introduce you to Raksha and Silverfuge.

Some of you regulars may already know these parters in crime from G3 Radio, where they host their own show (Alt Sundays 3pm-5pm), but I managed to blag con invite them over to write here some of which will be featured in their shows.

Speaking of which expect a Buffy Roleplay review up very soon.

Ezio confirmed, SCV gets a date

With this lovely video, Ezio Auditore de Firenze protagonist of the latest series of Assassin's Creed games, has been confirmed in Soul Calibur 5, despite pictures of the roster containing him leaking on the internet

Not only that at the very end we get a release date - January 31st 2012

Source: GTTV

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Well we are here...

This is the image of the competitive half epic.LAN from my press desk, from the looks of things everyone died when they got here - I know I did... WE HATE TRAINS..

Tournament coverage as been delayed until tomorrow, loads of time to make new friends here and probably get a few kills in before then too. Myself and Fatal we keep you updated over the next few days and I will hopefully be on The Saturday Night show over at G3 Radio this weekend - Until then I NEED to sleep!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Off To Epic Lan We Go

If you are reading this - we are not here, well at least Krem and Fatal aren't, they are heading off to Epic Lan to cover the event for not only CTD but G3 Radio as well, what busy lives they must lead (AH!)

Be sure to check both sites for pictures write ups and possible Lan Death by time they get back, don't worry they have minions to take care of things while they are gone.

Assassinate your friends in SCV with Ezio

I almost fell off my chair yesterday when I saw this

Ezio Auditore de Firenze is indeed pictured there in the Soul Calibur 5's character select screen, seeing as this is not a first for the series to host a cameo character, if true Ezio will join their ranks, be it yet that Namco have yet to comfirm this.

Although Ezio will not be format tied like the rest as Namco confirmed last month that 'a cameo character will be part of the game but unlike SCIV players will not feel slighted by the character choices'

Dungeon Defenders previewed by TotalBiscuit

Like Tower Defence Games? Like RPGs? Like your biscuits total'd? Good news here is all three in one! Mere hours before it's launch TotalBiscuit has done one of his Hyper WTFs with Dungeon Defenders.

I've been wondering about this game for a while - now everything is explained to me all I have to do is wait for the unlock.. GAH! Well continue onto Part 2..

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tau faces it's Last Stand in DOWII

Something Teldur over at Blast Process may be wooting about - As part of a 'much needed' DLC pack to Dawn of War II's Last Stand mode, the latest Champion to join the battle is the Tau Commander.

Also included in the update are Imperial Guard Death Korps of Krieg multiplayer chapter pack, and a Chaos Word Bearers multiplayer chapter pack, all of which are due out at the end of October.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Monday, 17 October 2011

New release date for The Old Republic

Typical of EA one release date "confirmation" is not enough. Announced today on The Old Republic blog, the highly anticipated MMO is now set for a global release on the 20th of December. A full 2 days earlier than previously confirmed, so the rabid Star Wars fans can now breathe a sigh of relief that no-one can power level before they can.

So what prompted this change? That's anybody's guess, but I very much doubt the majority of fans will mind.


UMvsC 3 gets free DLC already

If the Galactus mode wasn't already added into the growing list of new modes Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be packing yet another post-launch DLC will be added to the game for free - here is some footage from the new mode "Heroes vs Heralds"

In this new mode comes ability cards which seriously break the game modes to really flip the game on it's head - if you managed to watch the footage to the end that block/counter really highlights the madness to come.

The true madness is this game is at a lower RRP then the original and has more features - why does this remind me of a fruit based company?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Win Tickets to Replay Expo 2011!

Replay Expo is the unique video gaming event that prides itself in celebrating both the classics as well as the very latest titles. Following the success of last year’s debut show, Replay Expo will return to the Norbreck Castle Exhibition Centre in Blackpool on the 5/6 November 2011; the final weekend of the famous Illuminations.

Want to know more then listen to the following interview with Andy Brown, director of the event with our own Fatal Impurity.

Andy Brown Interview

Monday, 10 October 2011

Soul Calibur V - First Impressions

Now entering it's fifth iteration Soul Calibur has somewhat lost its sheen and its edge. With Soul Calibur IV being a major disappointment with unbalanced character creation mechanics and sloppy online game modes. So whats set to change in Soul Calibur V? Well quite a lot from what I can see.


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