Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Space Marine DLC is live!

Yes folks, the moment all you ork bashers have been gripping your chainswords for has arrived!

The new FREE Exterminatus DLC for THQs Space marine brings extra maps, missions and arenas for you and your buddies (or total strangers) to play on. Keep all your load outs from your multiplayer antics to add that special personal touch, then join others in battling wave after wave of increasingly more deadly monsters. There's also the chance of grabbing extra progression for your hulking brute in the form of challenges to complete within a time limit, for instance, destroying 20 orks in as many seconds.

Steam users will have the DLC as an autopatch now.
PS3 users will find it available on the PlayStation network.
Xbox users- sorry folks, all that's been said is "coming soon."


It's a shame this game was first billed in having a 4 player co-op campaign - now you can't even play in locally and the multiplayer is average anyway, bets on that THQ/Relic see multiplayer a prime focus of the 'next' game as despite them saying 'there is no room' for it it's just hype building as you know it's on the cards...

Cant believe those who have xbox live get penalised

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